Welcome to GEOCAM GOLD Sarl, The explorer of tomorrow's mines !


 GEOCAM GOLD Sarl is a local mineral exploration company based in Yaounde-Cameroon. Founded in 2015 with only three (03) shareholders, the company targets Proterozoic Gold and REE deposit in Cameroon.

GEOCAM GOLD Sarl has been granted one (01) exploration licence: BIDOU Exploration Licence and it belongs 100% to the company. BIDOU project, highly prospective for world class precious metals deposits, is located in the paleoproterozoic (1600 to 2100Ma) Nyong Series, at the North-West border of Congo Craton in Cameroon.


Developing a world-class precious metal deposit in a very short period of time, by doing the right work at the right moment with the minimum expenditure.